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Top 10 Best Citrus Juicers For 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Review

Juicing fresh fruits has always been one of the things you do at home if you want to add more ways in how you can eat healthier. Instead of serving juices with loads of preservatives, freshly squeezing a few fruits and vegetables can help you indulge in something sweet and sour without consuming a whole lot of artificial sugars and other chemicals. The best citrus juicer can definitely help you out in this task.

Also known as juicing machine or a juice extractor; juicers are best described as kitchen equipment that are designed to help you extract the juice of fruits, herbs, leafy greens, and certain types of vegetables. It can crush, grind, and/or squeeze the juice out of your selected source depending on the design and type of machine you’re getting.

However, like other kitchen appliances and tools, not all are made equally. Some perform way better than others, so you need to find the right one to help you achieve your desired delicious results. To help you do that, here are a few recommended citrus juicers that you can consider.

Comparison Table of Recommended Best Citrus Juicers in 2019

ImageNotable FeaturePrice

Breville 800CPXL

Excellent Build Quality, Commercial Design & Patented Cone

Check Price On Amazon

Cuisinart CCJ-500
Super Affordable With Many Features Check Price On Amazon

SmartFlo Filter SystemCheck Price On Amazon

Easy to cleanCheck Price On Amazon

Plastic ReamerCheck Price On Amazon

Top Ten Juicers For Citrus Fruits 2019

1. Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Motorized Citrus Juicer


When it comes to juicing, the first brand that will come to mind is Breville orange juicer. No matter where you are in the globe, Breville is one of the most popular brands for this kitchen appliance.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, especially with a product like the 800CPXL.

The very first thing that’s worth noting about this orange or lemon juice extractor is its die-cast design.

It’s not really made of die cast, but it is made with high grade brushed steel design.

It looks and feels sturdy, so you can be sure that it is substantial enough to take the pressure when extracting juice regularly. It’s also very pretty, so it can even help enhance the look of your modern kitchen.

Performance-wise, this Breville unit comes with the patented Quadra-Fin cone which is specially engineered to easily extract more juice from citrus fruits. It also works perfectly as grapefruit press. You also won’t have to break a sweat pressing on to the reamer as it is also equipped with a cone lid and handle, allowing easier grip on the fruit without you having to touch it during the juicing process.

2. Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

Most juicing equipment tend to look intimidating and all modern, so it can be a bit intimidating for many first time juicers.

Manual lemon or orange juice squeezer machine, on the other hand, involves too much hard work to get some juice, which can be discouraging for some.

So, what can you do to get a simple juicer that gets the job done without you having to break a sweat? This Cuisinart product is an option you should definitely check out.

This handy little kitchen appliance is a lot like a manual citrus juicer as it also uses a reamer and requires you to apply some pressure to the fruit by pressing down on it to squeeze the juice out but you don’t really have to sweat it out as it also has a motor that helps rotate the reamer to really get the juice out until what’s left is the rind.

With three speed options and a Final-Spin feature, this juicer will really help you to get the most out of your fruits without a hitch. It’s very easy to operate as you only need to place the fruit on top and apply pressure to it and you’ll get the freshest juice in seconds.

Small in size, lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and very affordable, it’s a great home juicer for those who like to make small batches of juice for personal consumption. This small electric citrus juicer is perfect for small homes as it has a tiny footprint so you can easily store it or just leave it on your kitchen counter without worrying about it taking too much space.

3. Gourmia EPJ100 Stainless Steel Citrus Press Juicer

Juicing can be quite a chore if you have to manually press on the slice of fruit to start extracting the juice from it.

Seniors are not too fond of the idea, so choosing a citrus juicer that’s designed to make the pressing easier is always a nice option, which is why this Gourmia product is deemed as one of the best orange juicer in the market today.

This automatic citrus juicer is a lot like the Breville product that’s listed above in terms of design.

This orange juice machine also comes with a cone shaped dome and a handle that will provide better grip to your slice of fruit without actually touching it. It frees your hands from having to manually handle the fruit, making it a lot easier to get the job done.

Equipped with the SmartFlo filter system, this unit is also capable of effectively filtering pith and pulp from your juice. So if you’re not too fond of having some chewy bits in your orange juice or lemon juice, you don’t have to worry about them with this juicer.

As it is also somewhat taller than other direct-to-glass juicers in the list, you can also easily produce a big glass of fresh juice with this kitchen appliance. Perfect for those who like to get a good dose of vitamin C during their meals, this juicer is definitely a must-have.

4. Eurolux Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Juicer

If you are not big on getting some juice into their hands while trying to extract every last drop from the fruits, you will like this particular product from Eurolux.

Thanks to its handle and cone lid, you don’t have to touch the fruit anymore when you’re juicing.

All you need is to place the slice under the cone and on top of the reamer, then hold and press on the handle to start the juicing process.

No need to apply a good amount of pressure on the fruit and reamer as the cone lid will already do it for you. It’s also more hygienic and clean and less messy since the juice won’t get into your hands anymore.

Aside from being simple to operate, this electric orange squeezer is also very easy to clean. It’s composed of five parts that are fuss-free to assemble and clean so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and cleaning. There are no screws, snap, or locks to bother about so there are no pieces to lose and break.

A lot of city folks will also love this product for its compact size. It won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen, whether it’s in a cupboard for storage or on your countertop when in use. You’ll even want to just leave it in your kitchen counters as it is quite pretty to look at.

5. Epica Powerful Stainless Steel Whisper-Quiet Citrus Juicer

Another great electric citrus juicer option is this Epica product.

Just like the Eurolux juicer listed above, it’s basically a crossover between a manual and a motor-powered juicer as you’ll also need to manually press on the fruit to activate the reamer and start the juicing process.

The great thing about this orange juicer machine is that it’s very easy to operate.

You just need to properly put the parts together and then press the fruit onto the reamer.

This orange or lemon juice machine will automatically turn itself on and start juicing in seconds. It’s definitely a fuss free way to make some juice, letting you enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice, lemonade, or limeade every morning.

Another excellent selling point for this Epica unit is its small footprint. As it only measures 8 x 8 x 11 inches, it’s definitely small enough to be left on your kitchen counter without worrying about running out of preparation space. It’s also very easy to store because of its minute size, so if you live in a tiny house or apartment, this kitchen appliance won’t be a hassle to have around.

With two reamer sizes, you can easily get the most out of this juicer as well. Some people find it hard to juice small lemons and limes with a regular juicer as the reamer tends to be too wide for the small fruits, but with an interchangeable reamer, you can easily make more fresh juices with just a single appliance.

6. BLACK+DECKER CJ630 32-Ounce – Best Electric Citrus Juicer

If you’re looking for a orange juice maker that will let you make more than just a cup of fresh juice in one go, this Black + Decker product is worth considering.

Due to its design that incorporates a small 32-ounce pitcher, every morning you can easily make juice for two with the help of this kitchen appliance.

Like the first five citrus juicers listed above, this product is very easy to operate. All you need to do is to apply a slight pressure to the reamer with the fruit on top of it to start juicing.

You can even pause for a second so the reamer will rotate the other direction and make sure that you’ve thoroughly squeezed the juice out of your slice.

With two different-sized reamers, you can also easily extract juice from big and small citrus fruits easily. Whether it’s a large, imported citrus fruits or a small lime from your backyard, you won’t have to struggle with holding the fruit comfortably to get a good amount of juice from it. This Black + Decker can also be used as grapefruit squeezer.

This product is definitely one of the most affordable electric orange juicer in the market today. And as it is made by Black + Decker, you can be guaranteed of its high quality that will surely last for years.

7. Proctor Silex 66331 Alex’s Commercial Electric Lemon Juicer

Voted as the best citrus juicer in the market today by numerous consumers and review sites online, the Proctor Silex 66331 may be small in size but it is filled with great features.

There are so many things that you’ll love about this product, but the very first thing you’ll have to note is its design.

While this electric lemon squeezer looks like a regular pitcher-style juicer like the Black + Decker model listed above, this one adds a cheery note to your kitchen with its bright yellow color.

Then there’s the nested reamer design where the two differently sized reamers can sit on top of each other when not in use. This makes storage a lot easier and simpler, ensuring that you won’t lose parts as time goes by.

It’s 34-ounce capacity is also something noteworthy. If you want to prepare two glasses of fresh juice every time you’re bothered to do some juicing, this unit’s large capacity will make it easier to prepare shared drinks. No need to replace cups in the middle of juicing, letting you save more time and enjoy more fresh juice in one go.

But what makes this automatic lemon juicer from Proctor Silex such an excellent product is the fact that it can extract more juice than other juicers. It’s definitely way better than manual ones, but it also blows the competition away in the electric category. Efficient juicing combined with a very low price really makes this product one of the best lemon juicer.

8. New Star 46878 Commercial Citrus Juicer Press

When it comes to choosing the best juice press machine for commercial use, nothing beats an industrial grade product like the New Star Foodservice 46878.

This unit is certainly a heavy duty kitchen equipment that will help you make liters upon liters of freshly lemon, orange, grapefruit, and other variations of juice from citrus fruits.

Like other full sized citrus juicers, this unit works by pulling down a lever to press the fruit in between a reamer and a cone-shaped cap.

Designed to withstand up to 2,300 PSI, you’re guaranteed that this orange squeezer machine will effectively squeeze all of the juice out of your chosen fresh produce.

As the lever is long, pulling it down and applying pressure to it is pretty easy. The handle is even covered with rubber and with an ergonomic shape so your hands won’t hurt just from gripping into it.

Made with cast iron and high quality stainless steel, this juice presser is built to last. It can take heavy use for commercial establishments, so it definitely won’t have a hard time juicing for your home.

Most cafes, restaurants, and even catering services choose manual juicers over electric juicers to extract fresh juice from citrus fruits because there’s no need to worry about motors being burned out.

However, it is quite heavy at 13 lbs, so you might want to find a permanent spot for it in your kitchen counters. Being heavy isn’t even a bad thing for juicers, really, as it guarantees durability and the use of high grade materials.

9. Hamilton Beach Commercial Citrus Juicer

Those who want a no-frills citrus juicer will enjoy the Hamilton Beach branded juicer.

This unit is as straightforward as it can get. It looks like what a juice presser should and performs magnificently when it comes to extracting juice from fresh produce.

What I like most about this juicer is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything else than a citrus juicer.

Made with enameled cast iron and stainless steel, you’ll know what this product is the moment you see it. It’s a great option for commercial user who pay much attention to aesthetics and who also care deeply about the value and performance of every item under its roof.

When it comes to performance, this Hamilton Beach product delivers the best results. It can withstand up to 2,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), guaranteeing that you’ll be able to get every last drop of juice from your fresh fruit.

As there won’t be any motors and flimsy parts that will likely break or burn out, this unit might end up to be your first and last juicer since it can easily last you a long while. Being durable and effective, this commercial citrus juicer is certainly worth every penny.

While this commercial citrus juicer is a lot pricier than others, it’s still something worth considering. Just the fact that it can possibly last forever even with heavy use promises great value for your money, so if you think that you’ll want to be with a kitchen equipment for as long as this one can last, then go ahead and invest in it.

10. Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

Those who want to invest in a juicer that will last forever should go for a unit made mostly with cast iron. Take this product from Focus Foodservice, for example, which can also be used as grapefruit juicer.

It is made with very heavy duty cast iron and stainless steel so it’s seriously heavy and convincing enough that it can help you extract every last drop of your citrus fruits in one go.

Designed with an ergonomic rubber handle, you’re sure to have an easy and comfortable grip on this citrus juicer.

No more sliding hands as you try to apply more pressure to the fruits as it can also withstand up to 2,300 PSI, guaranteeing a highly effective juicing.

Like other professional grade manual juicers, you won’t have a lot of issues with this product as it is pretty straightforward. The filters won’t clog and affect your juicing process.

The juicer also won’t have to rest for a while before you continue on using it as it doesn’t have a motor. As long as you can continue pressing on the lever to get the juice out of your fruits, you can continue using the juicer nonstop. This makes it ideal for commercial juicing and large batch juicing.

While this manual citrus juicer is essentially made for commercial use, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be perfect for your home.

Here is the short video of Top Ten Citrus Juicers’ features:

You know how hard it is to find the best citrus squeezer in the market among lots of product. Our team used some products and made useful reviews for you.

But before you make dive right into choosing which one to go for, here are some things you should consider when shopping for the best citrus juicer:

A. Do you want a dedicated citrus juicer or an all around juicer?

There are a few different kinds of orange juice extractor that you can get nowadays so the particular type should be looked into.

If you love some fresh orange juice, lemonade, limeade, or another citrus drinks, a citrus juicer will be enough for you.
If you want something that’s more versatile, investing in an all around juicer might also be a good option.

B. How much juice do you want to make per session?

Some juicers have small capacity and will only let you make a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice at a time. It will take a while to make a cup for everyone in a huge family or party, so if you’re going to make a large batch every time, you might want to go for a huge juicer or a manual one.

C. If your budget is tight, there are great affordable options you can go for.

Those who are not interested in spending a lot of cash on a juicer can easily opt for a friendly-priced option like the Proctor Silex and Black + Decker products in this list. They perform excellently and are very affordable so they will definitely suit even the lowest budget.

D. Choosing between manual and electric juicers.

There are lots of advantages for both types, so make sure to look into them before you make a call. Manual juicers have these pros and cons:

  • They are more durable because they are typically made with heavy duty cast iron.
  • They are ideal for commercial juicing as it doesn’t have a motor that will burn out from long intervals of running.
  • They’re definitely great investments as they can easily last forever.
  • They can be quite tiring to use, however.

As for electric juicers, here are its pros and cons:

  • They have modern designs that will add some charm and character to your kitchen.
  • They come in small sizes so they won’t take up too much space at home.
  • They’re easy to use and won’t tire you from all the squeezing involved.
  • They’re also effective in extracting juice even if you don’t try too hard to be effective.
  • They can be quite pricey, though.
  • Their motors also have a specific lifespan, especially if you don’t care well for them.

Final Verdict

With so many juicers in the market today, finding one can really be a challenge. However, thorough research and testing have determined that these ten are among the best citrus juicers available nowadays. You can read different citrus juicer reviews to get an idea and overview of the juicer machines prior to decide which one to choose.

Juicers not only get the job done, but also do it so efficiently, effectively, and easily that they are definitely a helpful kitchen equipment that will help and encourage you to eat better and healthier.

Being the best pick, you’re sure to find the right match from this list once you consider your needs and preferences. Each has their own specific strengths and advantages, so knowing what you require from a kitchen equipment of this sort is essential to help you find the best citrus press juicer for your home.