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Kitchen, a part of the house which makes a person mentally stable and physically fit. No matter how rich you are and no matter how busy you get with your work until you don’t get good food your hard work doesn’t get paid well. From a good kitchen, comes the great food. Isn’t it? Therefore maintaining your kitchen with some of the best and must-have kitchen utensils become the need of time. While the market is flooded with numerous kitchen utensils, sometimes it becomes hard to decide which one to choose and which needs to be left.

If you are about to set up your kitchen and sailing under the same boat of quandary, then this content is meant just for you. Out of many we carefully examined those kitchen utensils which help the cook of the house in preparing almost every meal and thereby become essential tools in every kitchen. Check them out and let your kitchen shine with pride with wonderful appliances.

The List of 7 must have Kitchen Utensils 

When It’s Time to Cook the food,

Induction Cooktop:Induction-cooktop

Imagine you need to cook your food urgently and suddenly you realize that thermal conduction from the flame which helps cooking the food from gas stove has stopped working. This is when the need of a good induction cooktop becomes highly important. Since the working of an induction cooktop is based on magnetic induction, all that one needs is electricity to work with it.  A good temperature is obtained just after a few seconds as the inductive heating heats the vessel directly.

Other than this the waste of heat is minimum to null with induction cooktop as it can be turned off or on with a single click. It is easy to clean and less messy to work within the kitchen.

Food Processor:Food-Processor

When you need to perform certain repetitive tasks while the food preparation, the one appliance which becomes extremely important is the food processor. Technically it can be called as an electric-motor-driven appliance which helps in performing many functions while cooking the food. Although food processors are generally electric based, some manual ones are also present in the market.

From blending to grinding, almost every solid food item can be processed as per the need. Whether you want to get a proper shape or make the food chopped into fine particles a food processor can help easily. The presence of interchangeable blades and attachments makes this task easy and free of hassles.

Air fryer: airfryer

Are you a health conscious and want to eat food? Then air fryer is all which is meant for you. Air fryer prepares the food by circulating the hot air all around the food item placed inside it. This makes the food to get cooked without the use of oil or very less oil. There is a mechanical fan present in the air fryer which circulates the hot air thoroughly making the food crispy and tasty.

You can get fried food including potato chips, chicken, fish or pastries by utilizing 70 to 80 percent less oil which is generally used for deep frying.  Coming with temperature adjustment and timer knobs the airfryer is one of the best appliances one can have in the kitchen.

Microwave Oven: Microwave-Oven

From cooking the food to reheating it, microwaves help in getting the food prepared with utmost perfection. Working on electromagnetic radiation the food gets cooked evenly giving the food a perfect finishing. One can cook different kinds of food either in a slow process or rapidly. From cooking chicken, fish to various vegetarian dishes a microwave could be used in a number of ways.

Since microwave works with different temperature settings and heat generations, the food can be reheated, cooked, baked, fried, browned and prepared with utmost perfection without creating any mess unlike stove or other cooktops.

Because Juice is Healthy,

Citrus Juicer: Citrus-Juicer

If you like citrus fruits or vegetables, you would love to drink citrus juices as well. Citrus Juicers are meant for the purpose of extracting the liquids or juices from the citrus fruits easily. The flesh and the fibers get shredded and all the juice gets accumulated in a jar. Citrus Juicer comes in different forms ranging from electric models, automated ones to those who extract the juice manually.

Made of either wood or plastic these appliances have gear like protrusions where the fruits are pressed. The jar placed below it collects the juice leaving behind the fibers and peels. All that you need is to gently squeeze the fruit and get all its juices in the jar.

Mixer Grinder:Mixer-Grinder

Cooking is fun but it seems boring if you have to do every chore by hand. This is the reason why many appliances and utensils are made to reduce the extra efforts cook puts while cooking.  Mixer grinder is one of them. This is different from food processors and citrus juicers as it utilizes a little amount of liquid to grind the food items into minute pieces.

Working mainly electricity the mixer grinders can chop the vegetables and grind the spices into powdered form with minutes. It reduces the efforts and makes the preparation of food far easier.

Finally, it’s time to wash the utensils

Portable Countertop Dishwasher: Portable-Countertop-Dishwasher

Once you have prepared the food and had your stomach filled with it, the next task that comes ahead is washing the dishes. Cooking makes use of many dishes in the kitchen. From big skillets to small spoons every utensil needs a proper cleaning so that they can be used for next meal preparation. Portable countertop dishwasher comes to rescue when you have many utensils to wash.

Being compact in size and lightweight enough to port anywhere with ease they have become the most preferred kitchen utensil in today’s date. Since the portable countertop dishwasher utilizes very less energy they are convenient to use and extremely effective and usable for everyday use.