10 Necessary Things for Camping – Basic camping checklist

Everyone fancies a good hideout in the woods. Nature in its purest form is a site to behold. Most families in the US get on on adventures in the wild on average twice a year. Do you have a camping vacation planned out this year? If you were to go camping today, what would you carry with you? There are certain items that are important for a camping trip to be successful and amazing. In this article we’re going to discuss about a basic camping checklist you will need to plan for your vacation. I’m sure you would like to look back at that trip later on and feel nostalgic. I’ll help you make it a camping to remember by giving you a checklist early enough.


Camping is much more fun when you capture the rare things that you don’t get to see in your everyday life. You, therefore, need to pack that camera before anything else.

Make sure you also include all related items like extra batteries and film. You may not get a power source in the wild. You sure don’t want your camera to die out a few hours into the camping. Carry power with you. It could be a power bank or extra batteries.


Sleeping as you watch the sky would be fun but once the mosquitoes and other animals start preying on you the fun stops. You need a tent to sleep in and store your things in.

A good tent will shield you from the dangers of the surroundings and extreme weather conditions. It’s your small house in the woods. Make sure to make it as good and comfortable as it should be.

First Aid Kit

This is probably the first item you should pack when embarking on any trip. Injuries are inevitable and the worst thing is that you do not even see them coming. With a first aid kit, you’re in a position to control the damage before you can get help from a doctor.

Ensure the kit is fully equipped with the necessities. Painkillers, for example, should be in that box in case of a headache or any kind of pain.

Portable Juicer

You sure want to still enjoy your smoothies out there in the vastness of the forest. Get yourself a good portable juicer that you can use to make fruit drinks as you chill and enjoy the breeze. The weather in camping sites is mostly cool and you don’t even need a freezer to cool your drink. Just freshness all the way!

Map and Compass

You need a map to guide you through terrains in the jungle. Getting lost is very easy during camping because there are no landmarks to identify with. In most cases, it’s just trees in the surroundings and they all look the same.

A compass and a map are therefore very crucial during camping. Most camping sites are situated in dense forests and tracing your way to the campsite could be hard if you don’t have a map to guide you to location and direction.

Here Is The Small Camping Hacks Idea For You

Food, water, and cooking items

I don’t think you want to starve and die in the wilderness. I also don’t think you can rely entirely on hunting to feed your stomach. You should, therefore, make sure to pack as many cans of food as possible. You can also carry uncooked food and cook it while camping.

Either way, make sure your storage won’t run dry of water and food. The rivers have dirty or contaminated water and the fruits of trees could be poisonous. Arm yourself with your own food.

Sleeping Bag

As much as you’re sleeping in a tent, the ground is too hard to sleep on. Pack up a sleeping bag where you can zip yourself up when the night comes.

Nights could get really cold and if you have no sleeping bag you won’t even be able to close your eyes for a minute. Make sure you have a warm and good quality sleeping bag. Being in the wilderness does not mean you should not have a good night’s sleep. Make it as comfortable as it should be.

Lighter or match boxes

You’ll be required to start a fire at one point or another. It could be a bonfire to keep you warm at night and scare away animals, or just a fire to cook your meals. Unless you have perfected the art of starting fires with sticks, you’ll need a matchbox or a lighter. Make sure to pack this small but crucial item before you leave.


The fire you create cannot light up the entire forest. When you need to go to the toilet or walk at night, you need lighting to see your paths. A flashlight would be great to carry along. You cannot also use the fire to light the inside of your tent at night.

A source of light would be very important in such instances. If you’re looking out for animals that could attack at night, every time you hear something you can point your flashlight towards that direction to see what’s coming.


How will you carry all these items to your campsite? You need a backpack to stash each one of these items and carry them with you to the place of need. A big enough one with a number of pockets would do.

Buy one that is of good quality so it can be able to hold the weight of all these items. It is advisable to have your luggage in one place on your back. In most cases, you’ll walk a long way to your campsite and if you have too much luggage on your hands you’ll get fatigued.


Camping is fun but only when you have the necessary things to make it so.  When you forget a crucial item you end up not having the best of camping. Make prior preparations to ensure you do not miss out anything that is important. I have already given you the checklist of things that should be the first on the checklist.

There are many other things you could carry. It all depends on your individual needs but the things on the list above are those that you cannot afford to not have when camping. Get your backpack now and start packing for that camping trip!