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Juicers are made to make your life easy with juice making processes. In market two types of juicers are available; fruit juicer and vegetable juicer. Here in our intension is to create a one step resource center where you can find various information about juicing machines. We have covered a wide range of juicing machine available on the market for citrus and vegetable juicers.

With technological advancement our daily lifestyle are getting dependent on different tools and gadgets. With making our life easy and supportive these are becoming an essential part of our life. Fresh juice are becoming popular between health conscious enthusiasts.

Fresh fruit juices are one of the best sources of nutrients for human body. They are the best source for anti oxidants, minerals and vitamins that are found naturally. A properly selected juicer can be the answer for a hassle free healthy diet process.​

Different consumers have different preferences on choosing the right product for them. According to necessity and requirements one should select the appropriate product. It may not be efficient for a person who requires a vegetable juicer getting a fruit juicer, because although they may sound similar but both the products are different from each other.

Shape and workability for vegetable juicers are efficient with vegetables only. Citrus juicers are specially shaped and mechanized for extracting lemon or orange juice.

We try to address the most relevant elements before buying a juicer including price, configuration, capacity, shape etc. Our recommended all products are compatible with USA standard and regulations. We have given in-depth reviews and user experience discussions with all of our products to help you analyse the best suitable one for you. At you can compare products side by side for more convenience and better buying experience.

Frequently Asked Question 

How Does Citrus Juicer Work?

Citrus juicers have a round shaped dice where you can put the citric fruit, e.g. orange, lemon. After placing the fruit it is pressed by the juicer’s mechanism to extract the juice. It is expected to clean both the fruits and juicer machine prior and after the use. Manual juicers work with manual press, electrical machines will work according to users command.

How To Use Citrus Juicer In Food Processor?

In food processors citrus juicer is a single component among many of its various functionalities. Different model food processors may have different mechanism for citrus juicing. User manual will have the best answer for using the citrus juicer in various food processors.

Manual vs. Electric - Which Citrus Juicer Is Best?

You should select your juicer according to your necessity. Although both the juicers are efficient for fruit juicing, but electric juicers are in some cases more powerful than in comparison to hand/manual juicers. Higher watt electrical juicers have better power performance. On the other side manual citrus juicers do not require electric power sources, you can press the fruits as desired manually and also the advantages of easy portability while travelling.

Does Vegetable Juice Really Helps To Weight Loss?

Fresh juices are one of the best sources of nutrients. Different vegetables are enriched with different types of nutrients. According to one’s requirements and necessity diet should be determined. Some vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, broccoli are scientifically proven to help in weight loss. So it does depend on what vegetable one is consuming. For more click here.

How To Choose a Vegetable Juicer?

Various brand juicers and blenders are available on the market. Usually vegetable juicers have more functional options than citrus juicers. Vegetable juicers usually have sharp cutting mechanism to grind smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the preferences of the vegetables to be juiced, necessity, user friendliness, juicer’s capacity, shape, price you can choose the best suitable juicer.

Vegetable Juicer or Blender - Which one you should buy?

Blenders and vegetable juicers are two different things. Blenders can blend anything given (fruits/vegetables), but juicers are specially mechanized for making juice from the given fruit or vegetable. Juicers usually have separated compartments/chambers for inserting the food, residuals and the output consumable product. So for solely juicing purpose juicers are the best and blenders have the ability to blend everything but may not be user friendly for juicing purposes.

How To Clean a Citrus Juicer?

Juicers should be cleaned before and after the use for hygiene and longevity of the machine. Proper cleaning after use prevents the machine to be infected from micro bacterial hazards. Instant cleaning after using every time is the best way to maintain a juicer machine. Apart from the electric motor unit every component of a juicer can be washed with water.

Is Stainless Steel Juicer Good For Health?

Stainless steel is used in juicers to prevent corrosion on the juicing unit. Stainless steel juicers are usually strong in body rigidity. There are no particular health issues or benefits between food grade plastics, stainless steel or glass based juicers.

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