11 Kitchen Improvement Tips For Homemaking – Tips That Will Save Your Valuable Time

Kitchen is one of those places where you are bound to spend some time every day. No matter how big or small house you have this is the just the place to prepare your food three times a day. Starting from preparation, cooking and preservation till the end of washing your dishes kitchen is the place to work at.

If you want to make a habit of healthy diet, you are bound to prepare it yourself as much as possible. By preparing food yourself you will know the amount and portion of nutrients your food is containing. Through this article we want to share some kitchen hacks to make your life easy. According to dogclippersly, these are the must to know tricks for every kitchen dwellers.

Here is some important kitchen improvement tips for homemaking

Peel off garlic in no time: 

Peeling off garlic is really time consuming and also gets messy. You can easily get off the skin by at first separate the garlic into small clove. Make a small cut at the top and bottom of the small clove. Take an empty container big enough that can hold the garlic clove freely inside. Shake very vigorously for about 30 seconds. You will see the skin has separated from small clove. Repeat the process for the ones that are not yet free from the skin. This is how you can do a good amount of garlic within a very short time with less effort.

Peel off boiled egg easily :

Peeling off boiled egg shells are sometimes not that simple particularly when they are hot or you got to do a number of at the same time. Take a water glass; fill it up to quarter level with normal temperature water. Put the boiled egg inside the glass. Now hold the top of the glass so that water doesn’t splash out and shake strongly for 15 to 20 seconds. Take out the egg, you’ll see the shell will easily get off from the egg.

Separate egg yolk from white: 

Separating yolks are often needed for baking or other purposes and yolks can be very unstable while removing from the whites. The easiest way to separate is to take a small empty bottle without its lid on, squish it and hold right over the yolk. The bottle will simply suck in the yolk. Now release the press to discard the yolk on your convenient place.

Peeling Avocado and kiwi:

Instead of peeling off the entire avocado with a peeler, cut the avocado or kiwi right on its middle position. Use a tea or table spoon to scoop off from the skin.    

Pit Cherries:

You can pit cherries easily without even cutting them. Take an empty bottle. Place a cherry straightly on the opening of the bottle. Use a small stick as thick as small kebab sticks to push the pit inside the bottle. This is how you can pit cherries leaving in its original shape.

Peeling boiled potatoes:

Peeling the skin of boiled potatoes can be really irritating. To get rid of it by simply, wash the potatoes carefully. Make a small cut around the potato but not deeply. Boil them well. Now place the boiled potatoes on a container in cold water. After cooling off press the ends of potatoes with finger tips such a way that glides out the skin.

No more tears from onion: 

Onions can make you cry while you are cutting them. This is due to sulfur present on onions and they react with your surrounding air making a chemical reaction. So to minimize this process simply put the onions on a bowl of water around 30mins prior to cutting them. This will save you from burning eyes.

Easily open hard to open lids: 

If your jar lid gets stuck or hard to open; try using a dry piece of cloth around the lid. This will give extra grip. If this tactics fail, try to heat up the lid slightly and then repeat the same procedure with the piece of cloth.

Get more juices from your citrus fruits: 

You can get more juices out of your lemon or orange by firstly refrigerate them and then put on microwave oven for 20-30 seconds. This will make the bonding inside the fruit loose and easy to juice them. Also more juice can be extracted than normal state. Use citrus juicer for best result.

Storing Breads longer: 

Most of us may not have the idea how long breads can be stored. The easiest way of preserving breads for longer is to simply refrigerate them. This way the bread can be kept for 15 to 20 days. Simply put it out of the fridge until it falls down to room temperature and consume. The hydrants or moisture stays the same and feels good as fresh.

Cleaning black stains from burner: 

The metal parts of the burner gets burnt and dark after using for several days. This happens due to if any residuals or impurities are on the burner. Scrubbing is not the easiest way to clean them, instead soak them in vinegar water. Take one third amount of vinegar of the water you are going to use. Soak like this for overnight. Now use dishwasher liquid to scrub off. You’ll easily get rid of the black stains.

Final Verdict

So the way of managing your kitchen work actually matters for your everyday life. The more you know the tricks and tactics, the easier your kitchen job will turn out to be.  Whether you are pro or a beginner at your kitchen, we believe our tricks will make your life easy, fast and more efficient. With your regular kitchen utensils you can now make your homemaking work easy and time saving.