10 Must Have Kitchen Tools For Perfect Kitchen

Your home will not be a perfect sweet home until you have a great kitchen. For an efficient and workable experience, you should make sure about some basic tools that are must to have for your kitchen. Though it might not sound difficult to plan for a kitchen with full of essential tools, but without proper the kitchen utensils your homemaking job is not possible to carry out smoothly. This article will help you to make a checklist of basic tools that are must to have while planning your own kitchen.

Here Are The Must Have Kitchen Tools For Your Perfect Kitchen

Set of knives

A good set of knives is a must to have thing for every kitchen. Chopping, shaping, peeling, there are hundreds of reasons for you will need a good set of knives. We are recommending for set of knives because in sets you will find varieties of types of knives. Knives with proper handle, grip, shape of the blade has to be considered while choosing your set. Slicing and chopping needs different types of knives; you won’t be able to chop vegetables without any trouble with knives designed to slice breads or cake.


Peeling vegetables is a time consuming work. Although you can peel vegetables with sharp knives, but it is not safe as well as takes lots of time. A good peeler will make your job easily done and save valuable time. Different peelers may have different shape and mechanism. If you know the proper ways to use your one, you can reduce your hassle at the kitchen.

Chopping Board

Along with knives and peelers, chopping board is a must to have tool for your kitchen. Even if you have a proper or the best knife set & peeler sets, chopping board is the only place to use them on. Chopping board helps to hold and chop smoothly and save sharpness of your tools. Usually there are two types of chopping boards available on the market, plastic and wood boards.

Varieties spoon

 One of the most essential equipments in the kitchen is the spoons. There are wide ranges of spoons available.  Wooden spoons are best for the ease of using and also can be used without damaging the non-stick utensil also. Moreover other types of spoons like opened can be used for scooping. Opened spoons can also be used to measure out same sized weights like biscuit or cake dough. Stainless steel spoons are best for cooking in high temperatures and straining out oil while deep-frying. Moreover stainless steel spoons have a better durability than other rubber/plastic spoons.

Set of tongs

Tongs are one of the essential tool for making your kitchen job easy. They are like an extra pair of hands to work on. Tongs are very useful to turn over heavy or big pieces of meat while frying or barbecue, mix items of your salads and so on. You can also pick or handle very warm things with tongs.

Set of spatulas

Having a set of different types of spatula is also helpful for cooking. Spatulas are found in different shapes as round, oval, flat etc. For nonstick pans only silicon spatulas should be used instead of metal.

Some other utility appliances you can also consider

Blender Machine

Kitchen blenders are one of the most supportive tools if you need to mix or grind your food items. Puree making, mixing for baking purposes, to some extent juicing can be done by blenders. Smoothies, mixing cake batter, preparing baby food, there are many more useful applications you will need a blender machine for. Depending on model and design functions can vary. Kitchen counter blenders are usually equipped with a jar and a blending blade underneath. The best practice to last your blender is to keep it clean after every use.

Coffee Maker

Coffeemaker machines are used for brewing coffee. Different coffeemaker models have different brewing techniques. All we just need to do is pour a scoop of coffee and give some room temperature water and press the button. Coffee maker machines have separate chamber for heating up and mixing the ingredients. Each model has their respective power output producing capacity and maintenance. Among various types of coffeemakers available in the market you should consider your usage before getting one. Some machines are appropriate for making small amount and some can be used for producing for commercial purpose.
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Juicer Machine      

Juicer machines are used to extract juice from fruits or vegetable. Nowadays juicer machine is a must to have tool among health conscious people. A glass of fresh crisp juice in the morning has endless benefits for our body mechanism. Juicer machines also have variants according to models and type. Among different types of juicers you can find citrus juicer, masticating juicer, grassroots juicer, manual juicer etc.
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Planning your kitchen may vary according to your preference taste necessity etc. In this article we tried to explain our featured items with their use and purposes. You may not need all of them or some other utensils according to your purposes, but based on modern lifestyle and trendy kitchen appliances we picked our selection. We hope that our writing will be helpful for planning your kitchen utensils.