Top 5 Best Commercial Citrus Juicer Reviews For 2019

There are tons of reasons why someone will need the best commercial citrus juicer. For one, it’s the perfect tool for starting a lemonade stand. It’s also an excellent addition to any cafe, bar, or restaurant as it’s an inexpensive kitchen equipment that can help you whip up a fresh drink in minutes.

It’s very important to note that commercial grade juicers are a far cry from the regular home use juicers as they are a lot more durable and sturdier than what you’ll need at home. Designed to withstand constant heavy use, these products are guaranteed to last a long while.

Of course, you can also opt to use it at home if you’re weary with the home juicers available in the market. There’s nothing wrong with investing a bit more in what you’ll be using in your kitchen, so if you have the budget, why not get the best commercial orange juicer available?

Comparison Table of Best Commercial Citrus Juicers

Image Best Feature Price

New Star Foodservice 46878
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High brand value & Heavy-duty

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Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel
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Hamilton Beach 932
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Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press
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Large Commercial Juice Press
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Recommended Best Commercial Citrus Juicers Review

Here are some great commercial citrus juicers that you I suggest you go for if you’re interested in getting one soon.

1. New Star Commercial Citrus Juicer


If you’re running a business, you’ll want to get the most out of your ingredients to avoid wasting money on a perfectly good food item.

This is why, if you’re going to buy professional citrus juicer, you’ll need something that will extract juice from fresh produce very effectively.

For this purpose, the New Star Foodservice 46878 is an option worth considering.

This product is a heavy duty manual juicer that is definitely worth the investment. Made with cast iron and food grade stainless steel, it is certainly built to last.

These heavy duty materials won’t break down with just a few uses and since there’s no motor to burn out, you don’t have to worry about your juicer conking out in the middle of juicing a whole sack of lemons or oranges.

What I particularly like about this product is its design. It’s very modern with its black details combined with the sheen of the stainless steel.

It will surely belong in a modern kitchen filled with similar black and silver (or stainless steel) appliances. While it still looks pretty clunky like most lever-styled manual juicers do, it will still look great in any contemporary home.

Stable, sturdy, durable, and reasonably priced, this juicer will suit most kitchens – whether it’s for your home, cafe, or restaurant.

2. Breville 800CPXL Motorized Citrus Press

Some people are fans of kitchen equipment that can double as a display or a functional work of art.

If you’re interested products like these as well, the Breville 800CPXL is an excellent option.

This citrus juicer is not just a useful kitchen appliance that will let you eat better, but it also look absolutely stunning that it will impress you on first glance.

What makes the Breville 800CPXL so gorgeous is its modern design that’s finished in professional-grade brushed stainless steel.

It’s cylindrical body topped with a one-size-fits-all reamer and a citrus press looks elegant and stylish. Some might even call it state-of-the-art from the looks alone.

Aside from its appearance, the Breville 800CPXL is one tough cookie as well. It is made with industrial grade parts, so you know that it will be durable and capable of handling heavy juicing.

But since it is still an electric appliance, you might still need to take some precautions when working with this unit to ensure its longevity.

The best part about this product is that it mixes the convenience of manual juicers with the effectiveness of electric ones.

By combining pressing and reamer rotation, this unit will easily let you get up to the last drop of juice that’s available in your fresh produce without putting too much strain on your arms and hands.

It’s definitely an excellent option if you’re looking into juicing a lot of fruits in preparation for a large event in your bar, cafe, or even at home.

3. Hamilton Beach Commercial Citrus Juicer

Another popular choice for a commercial citrus press is the Hamilton Beach 932. There are lots of reasons why this product is so popular, but the very thing that draws people to it is it’s look.

While a lot of other manual juice press are clunky and bulky, Hamilton Beach streamlined the look of the 932 that makes it look more like it’s from a spaceship from the future instead of a kitchen equipment manufacturer in Virginia.

Riddled with a lot of curves and rounded edges, this unit may look softer than the others but it certainly performs well. With a 2000 lbs extraction pressure, you’re sure to squeeze every last drop of juice from your fresh produce.

Its lever arm may be very short, but it’s easy to grip and is very efficient that you won’t have to pull down hard to ensure that you’re getting as much juice as you can from your chosen fruit.

A lot of people also love the fact that this unit also comes with a swing out cup that can contain the squeezed juice instantly. As it swings out of its initial position, you can also move it easily if you want to use an actual glass instead for catching the fresh juice you’ll be making.

Heavy duty and good looking are just two of the things that can describe this Hamilton Beach 932 commercial citrus juicer. It’s definitely among the best for juicing citrus fruits, so make sure to give it a shot.

Though the product name is Hamilton Beach Commercial Citrus Juicer, it can also extract juice from other fruits such as grapefruits, pomegranates etc. So you don’t need a specific fruit juicer like pomegranate juicer press!

4. Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

When it comes to anything made with steel, the heavier can be a much better option.

This is especially true if you need stability as well, as the extra weight will prove to be very useful in keeping the tool in place no matter what.

This is practically the best selling point of Orangex Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press. Weighing 16 lbs, this unit is certainly solid and sturdy.​

It even has a bigger and heavier base than other juicers in the list, ensuring that it won’t budge while you’re applying pressure on the lever as you squeeze juice out of your fresh produce.

It’s not something you’ll want to move around, though, but that won’t be a problem if you find a good spot to do the juicing tasks in your kitchen.

Another great thing about the orangex jupiter citrus press is that it’s very modern looking. Its stainless steel parts has a nice sheen to it, and coupled with the black coating of the cast iron, you already have a chic kitchen equipment on your countertop.

Though the product name, “Orangex jupiter” indicates that it’s suitable for juicing orange, this equipment can also be used as commercial lemon juicer or even as pomegranate juice press.

If you’re worried about the operation of this item, fret not. This professional orange juicer has an extra long pressing arm with a rubber handle so you can grip it comfortably and apply more pressure to the fruit easily.

It will still need a bit more of a muscle to completely extract all of the juice that can be found in your fruits, but it won’t be too difficult and you’ll surely get used to it in time.

5. Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer

When it comes to commercial grade kitchen appliances, it’s always best to opt for something made with heavy duty materials like cast iron.

While they can be quite heavy, the material will ensure that they won’t break easily, costing you more time and money to replace whatever’s broken.

This is why something made with enameled cast iron is also a great pick for a citrus juicer.

The Cookmaster Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer is an excellent example of a cast iron juicer that will surely last you a long time. While this product is best for squeezing orange, it can also be used as pomegranate juicer machine or commercial lemon squeezer.

It is definitely built to last, so you’re sure that it will be able to withstand very heavy use in foodservice businesses like catering services, cafes, refreshment stands, and restaurants.

Weighing 13 lbs, this product has a lot of heft to it that will guarantee that it will stay in place while you pull the lever down and apply a certain amount of pressure to it to get the most amount of juice possible.

It also has a cast iron base, so you can be sure that it won’t move during the squeezing process. With a rubberized handle that’s also ergonomic, you won’t have a hard time squeezing a large amount of fruits with this professional juicer.

This makes it an excellent commercial grade kitchen appliance, as it can be used heavily without sacrificing your comfort.

Final Verdict

Commercial citrus juicers will definitely have to withstand use and abuse, so picking the best one is essential if you want the right kitchen equipment for your business or home.

The best commercial juicer won’t break or burnout over time, no matter how many glasses of fresh juice you’ll be making, so finding it is essential.

The five commercial juicers mentioned above are certified to be among the best commercial citrus juicers in the market today. They’re among the top picks of many experienced consumers, so you’re pretty much guaranteed that they’ll perform according to your expectations.

I suggest you start your search with these five since they’re among the top favorites of many heavy juicers.