Commercial Manual Lever Press Citrus Juicer Review 2019

By reading reliable sources of information in the web, you can easily decide the best citrus squeezer for your kitchen. The details included in these writeups are highly valuable, especially for consumers, making them essential research materials not only for buyers, but for manufacturers as well.

One well-reviewed item is the Chefcaptain Commercial Manual Lever Press Citrus Juicer. This commercial manual juicer is a workhorse that you can use for a lot of heavy juicing.

It can withstand constant heavy use, thanks to its heavy duty materials and because there’s no motor to burn out. It’s definitely one of the top picks that you can go for if you’re in need of a juicer that will last you a long time.

Commercial-grade Cast Iron Material

The most important feature of this manual juicer is its commercial-grade cast iron material. With the use of this heavy duty steel, you’re guaranteed that this kitchen equipment won’t break, chip, or crack easily.

The material also provides some heftiness to the presser arm, giving you the extra squeeze you need to make juicing a bit easier.

Rubber Coated, Ergonomic Presser Arm Handle

While manual juicers are designed for heavy use, it doesn’t mean that it can’t let you do the job comfortably. This is why this juicer has an ergonomic handle with a rubber coating, so you can properly grip the handle and wield it to make a glass or gallon of fresh fruit juice.

Modern Black & Silver Design

If you think a manual juicer won’t fit in your contemporary kitchen, think again. This Chefcaptain’s black and silver look will actually work well in a modern kitchen.

Despite its large size and bulkiness, it will still be an excellent addition to your food preparation space.

Wide, Heavy, and Sturdy Base

Other manual juicers have poorly-designed bases. They’re either not big enough that they don’t provide the right balance for the equipment or they’re not wide enough to allow a nice juice catcher underneath the unit.

With this commercial citrus press, however, you can throw all your worries out the window as this unit has a very wide, heavy, and sturdy base.

You can be guaranteed that this unit will stay standing still while in use, providing comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Stainless Steel Cone and Filter

This manual juicer also makes use of stainless steel presser cones and filter that are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They’re also made with food grade steel, making them very safe for use.


  • This commercial-grade juicer is perfect for homes and businesses.
  • It’s durable and sturdy.
  • It has a very friendly price.• It’s ideal for juicing all kinds of citrus fruits.
  • It’s very easy to use and clean.
  • It filters the pulp really well.
  • No motor noise to worry about.


  • It’s very heavy, which can be a con if you have to move the unit to storage every after use.
  • Pulp lovers may need to scoop out the pulp from the presser as the filter is very effective


Q: Is this juicer hard to use?

A:No, it’s very simple to operate.

Q: How much pulp gets to your juice?

A:Not much to nothing at all. If you want some pulp in your glass, though, you can opt to scoop it out from the strainer and place some on your juice.

Q: Will it be able to squeeze pomegranates?

A:Yes, it has ample space to squeeze bigger fruits.

Final Verdict

When opting for a professional-grade juicer, going manual is a great budget option that you can go for. The Chefcaptain Commercial Manual Lever Press Citrus Juicer is a top-notch choice, being a high quality hand juicer that has established itself to be a convenient kitchen tool for many kitchens.

It’s easily worth your time and investment, especially if you’re not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for an electric unit. This product can get the job done at a much lower price, making it a practical choice most entrepreneurs will love to make.

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