Gourmia EPJ100 Citrus Press Juicer Review 2019

If you want a perfectly simple way to make fresh fruit juice every morning, the Gourmia EPJ100 electric juicer is a great product worth looking into. This automatic juice press has a lot to offer, despite its small size and affordable price tag.

It can definitely help you eat healthier and since it’s so easy to use, it won’t be surprising if this kitchen appliance will also let encourage you to stick to the healthy routine as well

160-Watt Motor

Any automatic juicer requires a powerful motor so you can be sure that it can help you get the job done effectively in seconds. The Gourmia EPJ100 definitely delivers on this part as it has a whopping 160-watt motor that will let you squeeze every last drop of juice from your fruit of choice.

SmartFlo Filter System

To help eliminate pith and pulp from your juice, this product is designed with the SmartFlo Filter System. It has a very stringent filter design, so the small, chewy bits won’t get to your juice.

If you want to make freshly squeezed juice that feels like it came straight out of a box, this citrus juicer will be the perfect kitchen appliance for you.

Easy Squeeze Presser Arm

Another popular selling point of this Gourmia juicer is its presser arm that will free your hands from having to press on the fruit during the juicing process.

It’s perfect for those with arthritis and issues with their wrists as they won’t need to get to feel the vibration the reamer can create while it’s hard at work. It also ensures that the fruit is pressed down nicely for the best results.

Modern Stainless Steel Body

The Gourmia EPJ100 is also a winner in terms of appearance. It has a very professional and modern look to it, thanks to its stainless steel body.

The stark contrast of the stainless steel and black details make it a good minimalist piece that will look nice in any contemporary kitchen.

Smart Cone

Equipped with a Smart Cone that is designed to suit all kinds of citrus fruits, you won’t need an additional piece to make the Gourmia orange juice press to work for you.

It can juice any citrus fruit from key limes to grapefruits, guaranteeing functionality and offering great variety to its users.


  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s very easy to operate.
  • Being lightweight, it’s also very easy to move around.
  • Works great with all kinds of citrus fruits.
  • Capable of extracting the most amount of juice from fruits.
  • You won’t get tired of using this juicer.
  • The motor is very quiet.


  • It’s not for juicing a lot of fruits.
  • Some parts are made of plastic, so they might break and need replacement in the future.


Q: Can you control the amount of pulp that gets through the strainer of this unit?

A: No, there’s no pulp control and only a small amount of pulp gets to your juice with this appliance.

Q: Does it come with an extra reamer in a different size?

A: No, it only comes with a single reamer that is suitable for different kinds of citrus fruits.

Q: Can you use this juicer without a power source?

A: No, this unit needs to be plugged in to start juicing.

Q: Can you use this Gourmia juicer for commercial purpose?

A: No, you can’t use this Gourmia juicer as commercial juice extractor.

Final Verdict

For those who are searching for a personal use that’s easy to use, the Gourmia EPJ100 is an option worth considering.

This product can get the job done in seconds and won’t require you to exert a lot of effort in making a glass of juice, letting you enjoy healthier meals without breaking a sweat.

It’s durable, effective, and functional. For its affordable price, it’s already a solid choice as well.

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