7 Healthy Juice Recipes For Stronger Muscle – Recipes From Fitness Expert

No matter how busy your daily life is, every day a certain amount of exercise is essential for staying healthy and fit. Physical exercise are usually really tiring and sometimes boring but having a proper environment and preparation will make your exercise really enjoyable and worth doing it. We need a lot of strength and energy while doing exercises and burn our stored calories. In this article we are going to share some juice recipes that can quickly energize you. These recipes are mainly on pre and post workout juicing. Our pre and post workout juice recipes will help you to feel better and energetic and if you are a mom who has super extra energy, then your neighbor might call you the super mommy What about super dad? Well, there’s exists no such term!!

So why do we need pre and post workout juicing?

Does it really matter to have pre-post workout drinks? Is it necessary? Before straightly going on to the recipes at first let’s focus on the reason why do we need pre and post workout drinks? The answer is yes having pre and post workout juices can help you on your workout activities and results. Drinks can be one of the best kinds of energy source for our body for both before and after exercises. You won’t feel hungry or heavy or blotted with a decent amount of drink. Instead quickly nourish yourself easily with the necessary minerals and enzymes that are helpful for reaching your target soon.

How to choose your juicing ingredients?

It is a very common query among the beginners who are looking for workout juicing. If you think logically obviously your selection of drinks should be according to your body’s requirements. For that you got to have proper understanding about your workout. How and where the workout is going to effect and bring the changes. What muscles and organs are going to get stress for the workout, and eventually what nutrition you need the most for your kind of exercise? You should know whether you have any allergic issues or not about certain ingredients. Is there any deficiency or excess compound on your body? Based on those you should go for the drinks that will make you feel more energetic fresh and less tiring providing the necessary nutrients.

Pre workout juicing

Many people believe that it is better not to have anything before workouts. Mostly for weight loss workouts there’s a common thinking among people that empty stomach will lead to burning of the previously stored extra fat. Even though it is possible, but going through this process to lose fat is not a healthy way to exercise. For an effective workout you need the right kind of energy source that can help you exercise and boost up the process. According to experts you should have your pre workout juices around 30 minutes prior to your exercising session, to start its breaking down process and come in action.

Beetroot juice

Beetroots are naturally god gifted energy booster for human body. Studies on beetroot have shown very helpful abilities of the vegetable. Beetroots can be a brilliant source of energy to boost up our energy level and stamina before starting a workout session. It contains naturally occurring nitrates that lead to lower oxygen intake and leads to less tiredness from exercises. In 2009 a study conducted by University of Exeter shows participants consuming beetroots are more energetic, taking lower breadths and their average workout time has increased before they felt exhausted.

Simply peel off the skin, cut it into pieces according to it is best suitable for your juicer machine. (Note: for better juicing experience having a good juicer machine is recommended). You can add a small amount of water if you want to lower the thickness. It will taste a little bit bland, but think about the results of it! Next time before starting your workout, don’t forget about beetroot juices.

Apple Banana and Almond juice

For high in potassium banana is a good ingredient for pre workout juicing. Almonds are considered high energy source for its nutrient dense. Rice or oat bran will help to release glycogen within our system that maintains a healthy blood sugar level.

Take a banana, mix 1 cup of freshly juiced apple, add 1 table spoon of bran, and combine around 10 almonds. You can add water until your desired thickness or consistency is formed.

Natural energy drink


Ginger; chopped small, 1 tea spoon amount. Gingers are great anti inflammatory.

1 Carrot; carrots are good source of vitamin E and it helps to increase level of oxygen in blood.

Parsley; as desired quantity; it will provide essential amino, and a good source of protein.

1 cup of juiced beetroot; Beetroot will provide nitrates, help to detox and antiflam our body system

Mix well all the ingredients, also you can add water if you want to.

Juice recipe for post workouts

Juice and smoothies are always straightly connected with maintaining a good health. Our experts has some refreshing juicing recipes for post workouts that will help you build muscles and energize your exhausted body from heavy exercises. These drinks will hydrate and nourish your body with natural electrolytes.

Sweet Kale and Melon

It is a sweet natural green juice with the hints of refreshing kale, honeydew melon and cucumber.


  • Kale; 4 cups
  • Cucumber; 1 medium sized
  • Honeydew melon; 1 cup
  • Lemon Juice; 1 table spoon

Directions: Add all the ingredients into a juicer or blender machine, blend it well until a smooth texture is formed. Serve immediately.

Peach and Ginger juice

This juice is highly enriched with iron that is good for post workouts. It will energize and hydrate you naturally.


  • Coconut water; ¼ cup
  • Baby spinach; 3-4 cups
  • Grated fresh ginger; 1 teaspoon
  • Kale; 2 cups

Direction: Juice all the ingredients one by one into a glass, add the coconut water and mix well.

Beet with cinnamon

This drink will revive you after an exhausting workout by filling and cleansing the toxins from your body. It will give you a fresh kick start from the tiredness.


  • Cucumber; 1 medium sized
  • Kale; 1 cup
  • Beet; 1 medium sized (peeled)
  • Baby spinach; 2 cups
  • Cinnamon; 1/4th teaspoon

Direction: Juice all the ingredients together on a juicer. Use the cinnamon powder and serve.

Blueberry Protein Shake

It is a naturally power boosting protein shake in the form of smoothie.


  • Blueberries; 2 cups
  • Protein powder; 4 tablespoons
  • Unsweetened almond milk; 2 cups
  • Banana; 1 pc
  • Ice cubes; 1 cup

Direction: Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth texture is formed. Serve chilled.


Drinks with complex carbohydrates are the best kind of energy source for pre and post workouts. Complex hydro carbs provides the type of glucose we need that converts into energy slowly and gives a constant fuel supply during and after the workouts. Our given recipes contain the helpful amount of Hydro Carbohydrates that are useful for your body before and after workouts. Different compounds take different time to dissolve in our system, but this is where juicing comes into the picture. It is easy to prepare and takes less time to come into action. So when you’re trying to energize for workouts, juicing is the best option in every way.

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