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With so many health benefits, lemon juice not only benefits adults but also helps children too. As a parent, your duty does not end simply by providing him/her a cool nursery with the best crib. It really takes a lot to be a cool parent. You are the one who must take care of your little one’s health. Lemon juice can make your job a lot easier for you. However, you need to take precautions before giving lemon juice to your baby. Follow the below-mentioned precautions first.

  • You should never ever give lemon in any form to your little one until he/she exceeds six months.       ​    ​
  • For the first couple of days, mix sugar to the lemon juice to lessen the sour flavor.  
  • In your family history, do you have a history of citrus allergies? If so, forget about lemon juice and stop reading this article!

Make sure you carefully understood above-mentioned precautions. Now, let's know how lemon juice can help your baby to have a healthy life.

Glass of Lemon Juice 2017

 It Prevents Mouth Ulcers: Ripe lemon is very useful to fight against mouth ulcers which are very common to so many children. Why is mouth ulcer common to babies? One reason: forgetting to brush teeth. So make sure your baby brush teeth regularly.

Give one piece of ripe lemon to your baby to fight mouth ulcers. But be careful! Giving too many pieces of ripe lemon will erode the enamel of teeth.

Prevention from Scurvy: Skin and oral diseases are very common to all babies too. Don’t you agree? Mostly these diseases are known as scurvy. The main culprit behind scurvy is the lack of ascorbic acid which is available from Vitamin C. And who does not know lemon is an easy source of Vitamin C?

Mix a tablespoon of sugar with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Then let your kid drink the mix daily to keep him safe from scurvy. You can make lemon juice easily. There are plenty of citrus juicer available for sale in the market.

Solves Digestive Problems: It’s very common that some babies drink only milk in various form but no other food. Constipation is very common in such scenario to such kids. Here lemon juice also can help you with its acidity property.

Digestive Problems

To be more specific, it completely destroys intestinal worms which are responsible for constipation. Not only that, lemon juice increases the digestion power and makes your baby hungry to eat more other foods.

Helps to Control Vomiting: Nervous breakdown is very common to babies. Sometimes it happens to adults too. Did you notice during nervous breakdown people tend to vomit? Also, you and your baby have indigestion problem, vomiting is a common issue for your family.

To control vomiting, lemon juice is very helpful. In such case, using honey with lemon juice is a good idea but make sure NOT to give honey to your toddler aged below 1 year.

Develops Immune System: Fighting against viruses and bacteria is a continuous and never ending process. Having a strong immune system can protect you and your baby from these without any medicine.

Without doctor’s prescription, you should never ever use any medicine no matter how silly the problem is. But you can be always benefitted from a strong immune system. Vitamin C which is widely available from lemon juice helps to develop the immune system.

Controls Diarrhea: Children are very susceptible to diarrhea. Water level dangerously falls during such time. You should primarily focus on restoring water level ASAP. Many pediatricians suggest to mix a pinch of salt with lemon juice and feed your baby to recover in short time.

Saves from Influenza & Cold: Both are very common to infants. In fact, some infants suffer from cold very frequently more like every month! One very effective and preventive measure could be using lemon juice. Vitamin C fights cold and influenza very well.

Fights Cholera: Did you know lemon can also kill cholera bacteria During cholera, lemon juice can strengthen your immune system as well as your baby’s too. More about Cholera

As you can see, lemon juice has countless health benefits both for you and your baby. During summer time you can’t miss lemon juice to restore your strength and keep you fit all the time. Make it a habit of your baby to drink lemon juice daily. To show us some love, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and families.

PS: Its Always good to ask/Consult a doctor before trying lemon juice to your child.

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