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Juicers these days have trended a lot among regular households. Juicers are the easiest mean that can provide you a scrumptious glass of juice in very little time. Although, there are two types of juicers that you can buy in the market such as, electric juicers and manual juicers, but electric juicers are still considered as a better choice. The reason is the in the electric juicer, you don’t have to make much efforts for preparing the juice. But the most taxing part is how to clean your juicer.

If you already own a juicer then you might know that its really troubling to clean it. But we can help you in making this highly complex job lot less troublesome by following few important steps.

When you notice gunk on the walls of your juicer, you should know that it is time to clean it. Gunk is built up when bits of food and juice start to accumulate on the walls, rotting and decaying. It is unhealthy because it becomes a prime place for bacteria to grow and cause health concerns. And of course, it isn’t a pleasant sight. The moment you spot some gunk, take some time out of your day and give your juicer a good cleaning. Don’t miss a single corner of the juicer because chances are there’s gunk lurking there somewhere.

Things You Will Need To Clean Your Juicer

Stock up on some baking soda, mild dish soap, a soft brush, a scrubber (nail brush or toothbrush), salt or dry rice, a soft cloth, a spatula, and clean water.

Steps to Clean the Juicer:

Start by unplugging the juicer, then disassembling it. If you are unsure about how to do so, the instruction booklet can help you. You can even look it up online by typing in the model name and number. Take out the bin or container that catches the pulp and scrape it out with a spatula. Rinse each piece well under running water. Use the soft brush to clean the small areas. If you can’t reach some spaces, use a scrubber to clean them. You can either use a nail brush or toothbrush, or you can buy mini scrub brush specifically for juicers online. Another option is to use dry rice or salt with a little water and use it as a scrubber. A little baking soda on a damp cloth can also be a substitute for a scrubber.

For a more thorough cleaning, fill the sink with water and add dish soap. Soak each piece for a few minutes and then wash them with a brush. Pay special attention to the mesh strainer as this can quickly gather fruit pulp and juice debris. Do not allow the juice particles to dry in this fine screen or they will require a lot of effort and attention to clean. Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with water to wipe down the machine itself. Although the juice is designed to go through a certain route in the juicer, the juice and pulp are bound to end up everywhere. You must then allow all of the pieces to dry completely before you reassemble the juicer. You can set them out to dry on a towel or a rack. Once assembled, you’re set for the next juicing session!

Removing Tough Residue

If you have used your juicer for a while without giving it a clean, the residue is bound to become dry and difficult to remove. In such a scenario, use a denture tablet or soak the juicer in white vinegar to remove the stains.

Things You Will Need:

Gather a bowl, denture tablets, enzyme dish liquid, milk, white vinegar, salt, and a spray bottle.

Steps to Remove Tough Residue:

Unplug the juicer, disassemble it, and give it a basic round of cleaning. Next, instead of using your regular dishwashing liquid, use one that contains enzymes. The enzymes work to break down the built-up food. Once you have cleaned the juicer, set aside the parts that still have residue on them in an empty sink or bowl. Cover the parts with water and drop in a couple denture tablets. Let the tablets fizz for as long as needed. If the residue is tough, mix equal amounts of white vinegar and milk. If you don’t have both, use any one of the two.

If you don’t have enough of the mixture to soak the juicer parts, put the vinegar mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the residue. The enzymes in the milk work to break down the juice residue, as does the acid in the vinegar. Soak them as long as needed until the residue becomes loose and easy to scrub away. If you’re using the spray method, you may need to spray several times to ensure the surface of each part stays wet till the residue loosens up.

Saltwater is another option

You can also try the saltwater formula. Heat water and add a teaspoon of salt for every quart of water. Stir it till the water dissolves and soak the juicer parts in the salt water as long as needed to soften the residue so that it can be scrubbed away and cleaned easily.

6 Tips to clean your juicer

Juicer cleaning is a very complex task. We will discuss some highly effective tips and tricks and clean all the parts, one at a time. We will learn how to clean juicer filter and also with easy juicer disassemble. Let’s dig deep into the subject:

  1. Most of us end up messing up the entire kitchen while making juice. Since it is liquid, it is meant to spill on the ground and kitchen counter, if not handled properly. I personally like keeping a towel under the juicer chute and pulp counter as well. This keep the juice from dripping and leaving a mark on my kitchen and when I end up with the juice making process, I have a clean kitchen.
  2. Pulp is most annoying to take off from the pulp collecting part. You can line your pulp jar with a biodegradable bag. This way, you will be able to save more pulp. Do you know, you can use the frozen pulp to make smoothie or veggie soup?
  3. Juicers catch marks and stains when we keep it dirty for hours. It is highly suggested to clean the juicer filter and other parts immediately after making the juice.
  4. Watermarks are the worst things that will make your machine appear ugly. Therefore, it is highly important to dry the machine once you have washed it. Also, the marks on the screen panel are very difficult to wipe off. It is important to clean the screen build up immediately. This can also be wiped away with the help of warm water mixed with vinegar.
  5. To clean juicer filter, you need to fill the bucket with hot soapy water for 5 – 10 minutes. This has to be done immediately after juicing. The pores that are left to dry can clog on the pores of the filter and diminish the effectiveness of your juicer. If the pores still appear blocked to you, you can increase the soaking time and clean it with a lime. Once all the particles are out, you can clean it with brush and set it to dry.
  6. If you use the storage jars like mason jars, you can once make the juice and store it for maximum 2 days. This way, you don’t have to use the machine routinely.

Cleaning Tricks Using Regular Kitchen Utilities

It is not necessary that we always have specific supplies to clean our juicer. Sometimes, it is better to do the task with the help of routine kitchen utilities such as cleaning a juicer with vinegar. Marvin helps us to give some useful tips about this. He also write blog about home improvement tools on his site. Check damntools to read his article. You can also clean juicer with baking soda since it also possesses the properties to take away all the unwanted marks and odor from the machine.

We mostly have things like vinegar and baking soda available at home. So, in order to clean the machine, you first have to take a large bucket and put some water in it (mostly lukewarm). Now put some vinegar in the bucket along with the water and soak all the parts of juicer in it.

Once all the particles are separated from the machine, it is wise to take a utensil cleaning scrubber and scrub the dirt away. Then you need to take a cotton cloth and damp dry all the parts of the machine.

In order to clean the exteriors, you can take a cotton cloth and soak it with vinegar water and clean the machine neatly. Baking powder can also be replaced with vinegar and rest of the process remains the same.


When our juicer can do so much for you then why can’t we keep it clean? It is important to know how to clean your juicer if you wish to consume a healthy and fresh glass of juice on regular basis. Also, it is very important for the hygiene purposes. So guys, we have shared some of these really exciting tips with you. Tell us your side of story on how you clean your juicer at home!




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