How to Make Juice without A Juicer – Simple But Effective Tips for You

Fresh juice is loved by everyone. Juices are naturally very tasty and very healthy for us. Most health concious people likes to start a day with freshly prepared citrus juices. Juicing is the process of separation of liquid from fiber of fruits and vegetables.

It is really good for your body to absorb nutrients from these organic juices. It gives an instant boost of energy. Juice are like drinking a natural version of Red Bull. There is nothing wrong with some little organic energy drink.

But if you do not have a juicer to make it happen. It is not always that you need to have a juicer. I am telling you how to juice with supplies already in your kitchen with this post.

You need some supplies that in below:

1.   A blender

2.   A spatula

3.   A fine mesh strainer

4.   A bowl

At first you have to clean your blender and everything.

Next, you have to choose carefully what you want to juice. You may not be able to produce perfect juice with a parsnip, carrot, and ginger blend. Your blender may not going to be up to the challenge. Start with a juice recipe that designed to work in a blender. You have to get quick fixes if your mix gets stuck on the blender.

Juice without juicer

Then you have to wash your ingredients well. And cut them into large chunks. Then cut the peel and pith away first. Beets, carrots, and ginger just need a good scrub. There is no reason to peel most ingredients unless you are concerned about non-organic produce or just want to.

Then place your chopped fruit in the blender, and yes, order matters. Put juicier items at the bottom before putting in greens and sturdier items. Blend your juice thing. If blender needs some cajoling. You shall need to add more liquid to get it blending. You can use a splash of water, juice or another piece or two of actually produced thing.

When everything is mixed, pour your mixture into the mesh strainer, press them with the spatula to extract the juice and let them sit for few minutes to settle a bit more to drop out. Now you can pour it into a glass, or go back to a final aggressive press with spatula.

After this, clean your mesh strainer. Before all pulpy pieces got stuck and impossible to remove. Scrape out the pulp either add it to your compost bin or for another use. Running water is over the strainer into the opposite direction that you poured the juice in will help to remove little bits. In this case, use a stiff-brush.

Finally enjoy your juice. The citrus beet blend is great straight-up or cuts with sparkling water. But it is meant to live in peace. And if you don’t have a blender or a juicer, the world is not ending here. Try to find more ways to juice. And keep drinking juice. Live a healthy life.

How To Squeeze Seedless Lemon Juice Without Tools

Everybody likes lemon juice, but nobody wants its seed on the drink. And though there are many tools out there that guarantee you seed-free lemon juicing process, you probably don’t need any of them.

All your needs are in bellow:

1. Sugar

2. Water

3. Lemon

4. Salt

Divide your lemon in half crosswise. Keep one lemon half in your hand, with the cut side meeting your palm. Squeeze. The juice will drip down the bottoms of the lemon and the seeds will remain in the flesh. Cup your other hand under the lemon.The juice will run into your fingers; the seeds will not. A word of warning: Avoid this plan if you have any cuts or broken skin on your hands.

This clever method works best if you just need a little amount of juice. Core that lemon as you would an apple. The seeds will remain in the center, leaving you with seed-free pieces you can squeeze without worry.

And at last, enjoy your lemon juice. But if you want to make things faster, then you can use citrus juicer.

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