Relieve Your Body from Discomforts. Try Juicing For Constipation

It is never easy to deal with constipation. The pain it brings, as well as the total discomfort brought with it. It feels like you just want to let all out as it causes your stomach to bloat and your head to ache.

Indeed, it stresses you out.

In situations like this, all you wanted for sure is just an instant remedy for the pain. However, you can get better options than those synthetic drugs.

You should try juicing for constipation.

Juicing for Constipation

Some people would attest that they had been constipated due to the fruits and vegetables they took in. There is no doubt about that as there are really certain natural food items that can cause you to be constipated.

However, it would depend on what kind of fruits and vegetables are these as well as the amount you ate. Some experts would say, even the time you ate those foods can be a contributing factor to the existing stomach problem.

In order to make juicing for constipation serve its purpose in your body, you should be picky on what ingredients to include in juicing. This article will give you some tips on how to select and prepare those juices. At the same time, share with you some insights about constipation so you will understand what is going on inside so that you will know how to treat it naturally.

What Really Causes Constipation?

Whether young or old, or to whichever race you belong, nobody is exempted to have constipation at least once in his or her life. Bowel movement is very important to anyone and according to WebMD, most people will have one to three bowel movements per day.

If this does not happen for consecutive days, at least three days, then that person is constipated. The worst case that could happen if the person is constipated in the accumulation of toxins in his or per body, which could lead to poisoning.

If not handled immediately and properly, yes, it will be fatal.

  • Based on research, the common causes of constipation include changes in normal diet or activity. If you have a change of lifestyle, from active to sedentary routines, there is a great chance that you will be constipated as your active metabolism will be disrupted by your new sedentary life, thus, slowing also your metabolic process.
  • Colon cancer is a serious deal. If this will be the case, checking medical advice should be done as soon as possible.
  • Stress can lead to eating disorder. Therefore, if you have a stressful situation going on in your life, it may lead to eating disorder, thus will end up you being constipated. Overeating is an indicator of stress, so if you will indulge yourself too much with whatever is on the table, you are more likely to reduce the movements of food inside of you.
  • If you are not conscious with your diet, even if you will eat less, yet the foods you took in lack in fiber, still constipation will follow your way. This is the reason why that you should be a WISE EATER, as it is not all about the quantity, but will always be the quality of food and drinks you deposit in your body.
  • For those who have constipation already, they overuse taking in laxatives, which cannot give them the remedy of the condition, but rather worsen the case. Too much for something will be bad for your health and this is just one of the many examples.
  • Hyperthyroidism is a sickness, which can also cause you to be constipated. It is one of the manifestations of the sickness, which is why people with this ailment find it hard to maintain a good and healthy diet as they are always constipated. For medical conditions like this, seeking medical advice is advised.

Why You Should Start Juicing?

Just hope that whatever the cause of that constipation, it should not be serious like any of those mentioned above, so that you can still treat it with juicing. Perhaps, even if the case has been already critical, some doctors will still advise juicing for constipation as it truly helps in the proper digestion, which is beneficial for all their patients.

As mentioned, with juicing, you can take in fiber that will help you cleanse the digestive tract, thus, supporting the bowel movement to be regular.

The Best Choices Of Fruits And Vegetables In Juicing For Constipation

Here are top picks of some choices:

  1. Apple

Aside from the promised deliciousness of apples, they are very rich in fiber which is very good to consume by a person suffering from constipation. For aiding indigestion, it can be made possible by both the insoluble and soluble fibers it has. Juicing this fruit every day can also deposit more other benefits to your body. The phytonutrients found in this fruit can also boost your immune system, as your body needs it even without constipation.

  1. Kiwi

Accordingly, this fruit has always been a favorite subject for research when it comes to extracting its fiber, because even just 1 cup of kiwi, you can already get 5 grams of fiber. By crushing the fruit out to get its juice, you have deposited not just its best flavor but the remedy to that indigestion.

Aside from that, kiwi is loaded with many other nutrients like vitamins C, K and E with minerals potassium, folate and more. It is also believed to remove toxins in your body, which helps anyone to prevent colon cancer.

  1. Oranges

Citrus fruits are very rich in vitamins, as well as fiber, which again aids constipation. Its pulps contain the needed agents for digestion. In some people, orange juices act like a natural laxative, which is very beneficial for metabolic processes.

  1. Green Leaves (spices, root crops and other vegetables)

Your fiber intake will really increase if you will eat greens. They are proven and tested to be super rich in fiber, which is very good for digestion. These green leafy food items act like an instant remedy for constipation.

Yes, that works for almost all, it might also work for you! Try juicing for constipation and bid goodbye to the undigested materials in your body.

Just shoo them away!

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