Juicing For Inflammation: Things You Should Know

To be sick is such a hassle. No matter what the causes are, the effects will always lead you to lose appetite of doing anything. In addition to this, the aches and pains cause you to acquire low energy, thus mental clarity is also affected. Indeed, the eagerness to enjoy the day dissipates even the day has not started yet.

If the aches, pains and lethargy persist, then you should be alarmed and check with your doctor as these are the manifestations of chronic inflammation. You should note that this condition may lead to serious health problems, which would affect your quality of life.

But, fret not! Consider also the fact that chronic inflammation in your body may not always lead you to fatal health condition, which is why before the soreness worsens, apply a proactive and healthy approach and that is to try  juicing for inflammation.

How to Maintain Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle by Juicing

It is never easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but that does not equate saying that it is not possible. You can always make that happen by completing the ingredients of dedication, discipline, commitment and perseverance. You may also add efforts of juicing for inflammation in order to reap the exceptional health benefits that can be brought with it.

You should understand first what the word ‘inflammation’ means. Just to give you brief information about it, inflammation is actually a manifestation that your body is fighting an infection. Most people get fever as an indication that your cells have been inflamed. What usually triggers it are, of course the bacteria or viruses that are attacking your immune system. Toxins can also be the bad guys. Even serious injuries may poke your immune system, because your cells and tissues have been damaged, literally, attracting microbes in your environment to infest your wounds.

Actually, inflamed parts of your body, especially when you have acquired it because of some minor injuries, only means that your immune defense have awaken its system to counteract the damages, in order to help you to heal. This is the reason why, as the host of those biological operations, you should also do your part in order to help your body get over those inflammations and this article focuses on juicing for inflammation.


Literally, these are juices from all the natural green sources. Juicing for inflammation and using green leafy vegetables, as well as the green fruits can fuel your body with the needed minerals for you to help your sick body cells. The packed vitamins you can get from these green drinks are actually the complete nutrition your body deserves to get.

Juicing is actually different from other methods. It is actually extracting purely the juice, adding those extracts in order to achieve the taste and recommended to be consumed right away for freshness all over.

The Specifics: What You Can Get from Green Juices to Heal Inflammation

In talking about the abundance of the mineral and vitamins that green juices can supply to your body, then it is too many to count, but to name a few, you can get these  phytonutrients, which are very important for you to help your body get over the symptoms of inflammations. You can also get antioxidants, which cleanse your overall system, to revitalize your cells, repair and produce more.

In addition to this, you can also get those enzymes, which help your muscles to regain the strength and energy for you to gain also your appetite to perform any work. Enzymes will also help you in proper digestion, by increasing your metabolic rate for better absorption of these needed minerals in the body.

All in all, when you are juicing for inflammation with green juices, you will be able to regenerate your blood cells also, which are important weapons to fight the agents of inflammation.  Again, green juices can help you detoxify your body, which eliminate the free radicals that are worsening the soreness. The bonus of juicing the greens is that you can get fiber to support your weight loss goals, as well as help you get a glowing and clean skin.

Other Juicing Options for Inflammation

It is not only green veggies that can help you manage the inflammation in your body. You also have other options with the other brilliant colors of fruits and vegetables. Consider adding your ‘List to Buy’ the following:

  • Pineapple
  • Turmeric
  • Cucumber
  • Cinnamon
  • Kale
  • Grape
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Fennel
  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon
  • Basil
  • Kiwi and more.

Of course, with these other options of fruits and vegetables, you can also get other types of vitamins and minerals. Let’s start with pineapple, turmeric and cucumber. When talking about inflammation and match it with these fruits, agents of illness will surely back down. These natural sources of vitamin C as well as the enzymes can surely add the inflamed internal organs. The addition of the cinnamon to the solution complete the recipe of the remedy, which you drink everyday for your health.

The sour, but healthy options of Kale, Grape, Ginger and Lemon will deposit Vitamins A, C, K and B6 to your tissues, leaving it with detoxified cells. The pain relieving effect does not just take away the pain, but also the causes of that pain.

Fennel and Apple juices are a great combination. Aside from the anti-inflammatory effects, it can also treat a variety of other ailments. Digestive problems as well as arthritis can be addressed. The blueberry green juice also is another great recipe you can try. Adding some spinach to the mix will no doubt give your immune system a true and effective boost to recover from sickness.

The inflammation fighting abilities of watermelon, basil, and kiwi cannot be underestimated as these are proven to contain the most powerful antioxidant, which is lycopene. Apart from that, these ingredients are surely the best treat for your body for your everyday refreshment.

Drink to your health!

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