Make Them Love Fruits and Vegetable with These Juicing Recipes for Kids

For parents, the most challenging task is to feed the kids with healthy options. Your children will always have  the impression that vegetables do not taste good and so, even if they did not have yet a taste of it, they already disliked it.

Sometimes, in the most dismaying case, fruits are included on their list of “not to consume colorful goodies”.

Because of the hassles you experience in forcing them to eat these nutritious selections, you sometimes give up and just feed them with anything they wanted to eat, even the unhealthy ones. We hope you did not reach that point, yet!

Avoid such mistake because you surely do not want to end up spoiling your kids so much and then find your child in a very unhealthy condition. You are actually not giving your child the best treat, but threats to his or her small developing body.

With these Juicing Recipes for Kids, you have another option to try. These are assured to be healthy as well as delicious for the kids to enjoy during snack time and even breakfast. Just take note that babies are not yet kids. Therefore, the primary beverage they should consume would be mother’s milk. These Juicing Recipes for Kids are not yet recommended for them, but you can try some if you are pregnant as these juices are packed with the needed nutrients by your body, which will affect positively the growing little creature inside of you.

Below are your options to try. You can observe that the ingredients for all could be summed up by enumerating:

  • Apples
  • Pineapples
  • Carrots
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Pears

Therefore, the mixture of the above mentioned fruit and veggies can yield great flavors and colors that your kids will surely enjoy. Just take note of the measurements. You may also tweak the measurements and even the combinations and then adjust the flavor that you think would match your kids liking.

Your Choices of Juicing Recipes for Kids


  • By juicing 3 to 4 medium-sized apples, you can yield about 1 cup of juice. You may add some lemons or honey, perhaps in order to match your taste preferences.


  • In this recipe, you need to get 2 carrots and at the same time 2 spears of pineapple in order to yield 1 cup of pineapple-carrot juice. Kids would surely love the orange-yellow color of this yummy treat.


  • With so many processed and synthetic orange juices, if you can spend 5 minutes of your time to juice 2 medium oranges, then you can already get 1 cup of natural source of vitamin C. Most of the powdered juices are flavored by natural ones, why not opt to get the raw ingredient and then make your own.


  • To give the usual orange juice a tweak on its flavor, as well as to darken its colors, you can add 1 carrot to 1 orange and then you can get ¾ cup of juice. You pour the extracts into a glass with ice cubes and then serve right away. Put a colorful straw to excite more your kids in sipping for his or her health.


  • This is one of the Juicing Recipes for Kids to try. With just 2 apples to juice, this can then be added with a small bunch of grapes, your 1 cup will be filled with a nutritious drink that your kids would surely love. The combination of these two ingredients is usually the flavor that kids love.


  • Many juice lovers are using pears for sweeter options than apples. With 2 medium pears, you can already get 1 cup. Again, you can play with the flavors of your juice so that it will suit your kid’s liking.

These are just a few of the many Juicing Recipes for Kids you can try. Below are some of the details you should know about why you should start introducing juices to your kids. To be more specific, the juices that we are talking about here are from raw ingredients like fruits and vegetables, including also the spices if you wish to add. Also, included in the items are the friendly reminders about juicing for the young ones.

  • Kids have pre-mature vital organs that need to be developed healthily and by letting them imbibe healthy drink options, you are doing their bodies a favor to get the proper nourishment needed for proper growth and protection.
  • With the vitamins and minerals found on those fruits and vegetables, your kids will have a boosted immune system, which is necessary for his or her body to fight the agents of diseases.
  • Juicing Recipes for Kids are not just for you to prepare because you can also invite your children to prepare the juices with you. It can also be a great way for you to spend weekends and then have the healthy family bonding routine.
  • Even if it is recommended that you start juicing with your kids, it is discouraged that you juice fast with these young people. Adults are sometimes advised to juice fast and that is for the adult person to lose weight fast. But, most kids need not to undergo the dieting process yet, so feed them only with enough juice per day or per week.
  • Strong juices, like those that have the ingredients of spinach, kale and beets are good for children, but should be in small dose.
  • In some cases, your children need not to know what they are drinking because they might recall their first impression about vegetables. Combine the apples with broccoli and pineapple with cucumber. Hide the veggies with fruit options. In that way, you can make them expect that they will only be getting those with great flavors to savor.
  • Consume the juice first so they would emulate your way of taking in the juices.

When talking about the things that benefit your children, especially on the aspect of health – you simply do not give up, right?

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