Five Best Healthy Recipes For Juicing With A Blender

Melon, watermelon, peach, strawberries, apples, bananas, red fruits, carrots, celery, mint … What would you do with all these vegetables and fruits? We have it very clear of energy juices with the blender so that we do not run out of batteries all day. Juicing with a blender recipes are fully loaded with more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than the rest, because the blender uses both the pulp and skin vitamins, except for those fruits with rough or coarse skin such as orange and pineapple. We will squeeze every drop so that you prepare the juices with more energy since first thing in the morning.

For Breakfast: Peach juice And Mango, The Combination More Orange

The mango is a fruit rich in beta-carotene, hence its intense orange color that pigments the color of the skin and the pulp, as well as yours. If you mix it with the peach, now its season and has an intense sweet taste, you will have a very energetic blend to start the day. For this Juicing with blender recipes, you just have to blend a peach and a few pieces of mango, to your liking. It is not necessary to add another liquid, not even a pinch of sugar since they are two very sweet fruits and we can take advantage of all its natural glucose. Lemon juice recipes

In The Middle Of The Morning: Do Not Run Out Of Energy! Apple Juice and Carrot

The carrot is perfect for a mid-morning snack as it has a high satiating power. You can take it in sticks to the office, but also in a vitamin and energetic juicing with a blender recipe. The preparation is very simple: liquefy four carrots and a green apple. Add a few drops of lemon to prevent the oxidation of the juice and take it to work in a thermos. You will not faint at midmorning.

The Best Juice Of The Snack: Red Fruits And Apple

Sometimes it is difficult for children to drink fruit, have you tried with the juices? Its attractive color and sweet taste along with an attractive presentation will make the favorite drink of the little ones is the juice of red fruits and apple. In addition, since the juice is 100% liquid in the blender, they will not encounter lumps or trips that they may not like. Preparing it will not take you more than 5 minutes, and the children can help. Just select the red berries (blackberries, raspberries, currants, strawberries …) and blend them together with a green apple. It is a perfect energy snack for summer, and easy to take on the beach or pool. Multi fruit juice

Before Going To The Gym, Take A Juice With Tropical Flavor

Before the physical exercise workout, you must replenish your strength as you are going to make an intense physical effort and you need to have the energy levels to the maximum. If you fancy some fruit, we recommend a banana smoothie with carrot, avocado and celery. Taking this milkshake, in addition to your body will take better advantage of the nutrients of fruits; you will be easier to take the snack. Just blend four carrots, along with the banana, ½ celery and the boneless avocado. That simple and practical! When you have it, apply a few drops of lemon to prevent oxidation.

Green Juice To Lose Weight Ever

This amazing healthy solution, you desire, if want to lose a few pounds without starving yourself. The effect is incredible, no magic in this composition. A green juice that can help you to lose weight in a moments. You may lose 2 to 3 kilos of weight only in 5 days. Follow on to get the science of this juicing with blender recipes. One glass of juice using a juicer Ingredients 1 bunch parsley 1 lemon 1 cup of water One glass of juice


Slice the parsley, preferably with a blender. Squeeze the lemon juice and mix a glass of water over the ingredients. Drink the juice in morning on an empty stomach, for only 5 days.Then take a break for nest 10 days. This will helps to burn calories, while it nourishes our body with vitamins and minerals. In a hot afternoon,you can take a parsley tea as to supplement your snack appetizer. Lemon Juice The best thing about making juicing with blender recipes, besides taking advantage of all the vitamins of the fruit, is that it is not necessary to cut the food. They are introduced directly into the nozzle XXL, and the remains of the pulp go to an easy-to-clean tank in the dishwasher. Would you like to meet other delicious and nutritious juice recipes? Continue squeezing the blender with these natural juices with carrot or these detox juices.

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