Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer Review 2019

If you’re in the market specifically for a manual citrus juicer that looks like it can squeeze an actual lemon tree for its fruits’ juice, you should opt for the Cookmaster Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer.

This manual press juicer is an efficient kitchen tool that can help you get every last drop of juice from fresh produce and actually looks the part.

Unlike other professional grade juicers, though, it’s not as expensive as you’d expect it to be. Mainly because you don’t have to pay for a heavy duty motor, this product is definitely an investment you won’t regret to make.

Professional-grade Cast Iron Body

The Cookmaster Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer is made of professional-grade cast iron and you’ll instantly know this fact as soon as you see it.

Its cast iron parts are enameled so they won’t rust and corrode after being exposed to water and acidic liquids. It’s also quite heavy, so you’ll know that it won’t chip, break, or crack despite heavy use.

Ergonomic Rubberized Manual Handle

Softening the look of this tough cookie is its ergonomic handle. It may be covered in black rubber, but it has the curves, contours, and softness you need to be comfortable in holding it. This helps minimize hand fatigue, especially if you plan on using the juicer for a dozen or more pounds of fruits.

Wide, Stable Base

A wobbly and unstable manual juicer is the worst thing to work with, so to make your juicing sessions easier, this manual juicer product is designed with a wide and heavy base to keep it very firm and stable.

You don’t have to worry about the unit tipping forward when you pull down the arm presser as the base will balance it out for you.

Thick Stainless Steel Funnel and Press Cones

The pressing parts are also essential parts that you should pay attention to. In this unit, the funnel and pressing cones are made of high-grade stainless steel. This makes them very durable and rust resistant. They also won’t corrode, get bent, or dented easily.

Dishwasher-safe Removable Parts

When it comes to cleanup, you don’t have to fuss and wrestle with this juicer as the parts that get in contact with the fruits are easily removable and are dishwasher safe. This makes cleanup a breeze which is what most folks would want, especially after a long juicing session.


  • It’s very easy to use and clean.
  • It’s firm, stable, and balanced.
  • Ideal for juicing a lot of citrus fruits.
  • Made with high-quality materials, you’re guaranteed that this unit will last a long time.
  • Without a motor to burn out, you can juice with this kitchen equipment nonstop.
  • It’s a professional-grade product that you can use at home or in commercial kitchens.


  • You’re not meant to use this citrus juicer with other hard fruits and vegetables.


Q: Will the cast iron parts rust over time?

A:No, the cast iron parts are enameled, so they won’t rust despite being exposed to moisture and water.

Q: Do you need to assemble the entire unit manually?

A:No, but there are parts that you’ll need to attach like the funnel and presser cone before you can use the juicer.

Q: Is this juice press heavy?

A:Yes, it weighs more than 13 lbs so it has a pretty substantial weight.

Final Verdict

While there are so many factors that can affect a product’s longevity, there are also a few things that can guarantee its durability. With the Cookmaster Large Commercial Juice Press Citrus Juicer, you’re sure that it will stick around for a long while, thanks to its high-quality materials and solid construction.

It’s reasonably priced and well-loved for its great performance, making it one of the best commercial juicer to be a part of your highly functional kitchen.

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