New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer Review 2019

For a heavy duty juicer, the New Star Food service 46878 is a contender that’s hard to beat. This commercial orange juicer is designed to withstand use and abuse, guaranteeing that it will help you make hundreds to thousands of liters of fresh citrus juice in its lifetime.

Durable, high quality, and very sturdy, this is a solid investment for those in the food service industry

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Material

Made of high-grade cast iron, this juicer is definitely built to last. It’s solid and will definitely be able to withstand constant heavy use, making it suitable for commercial use.

It’s also an excellent kitchen equipment for homes who like to make a lot of fresh juice as it’s a lot cheaper than other industrial-grade automatic juicers.

Manual Configuration

Being a manual juicer, the cast iron parts are already the main features of this unit. It doesn’t have a motor and only needs manual force and the juicer’s heavy arm presser to squeeze the juice from the fruits. With a solid construction and use of high-quality materials, you can be sure that this juicer will last a long time.

Modern Design

“Modern” is not a word that’s typically used to describe a manual juicer, but this is the perfect description for the New Star Foodservice 46878.

It has a very current look to it with its cast iron parts painted black and its stainless steel portions shiny. While it is bulky, it will still look great and not out of its element in a modern kitchen.

Substantial Weight

The main problem with many subpar manual juicers is that they’re not heavy enough to get the job done effectively. This orange juice extractor weighs 13 lbs so it’s definitely heavy enough to keep itself in good shape despite all the pressure it constantly gets.

Comfortable Presser Arm Handle

Since you’ll need a good grip on manual juicers to actually get them to work, this juicer is equipped with an ergonomic rubber covered presser arm handle.

This design will provide a comfortable hold of the juicer, preventing hand fatigue even after working on a large batch of fresh produce.


  • A professional grade juicer that can handle mass production of juice easily.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold and use for juicing.
  • It has a very heavy and sturdy base that guarantees stability.
  • The detachable cone and funnel parts are dishwasher safe.
  • The presser is heavy so it adds more pressure to the squeezing process.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • The cone isn’t big enough for grapefruit.
  • You’ll need to scoop out the pulp from the pressing cone if you want some in your drink.


Q: In what material is the juicing cone made of?

A:It uses stainless steel for other parts.

Q: How well does it strain pulp?

A:Extremely well as It makes glasses of juice without any pulp in it.

Q: Is the base stable?

A:Yes, the base is made of heavy cast iron with suction feet so it’s very stable and won’t budge as you use it for juicing.

Final Verdict

For those who want a juicer that can withstand heavy use, the New Star Foodservice 46878 is a product worth checking out. It’s sturdy, solid, effective, and durable. It can get the job done easily even if it’s a huge undertaking.

Built to last, this product has received a lot of positive feedbacks and generally regarded as being the best manual juicer for commercial use. It’s definitely one of the products you should be eyeing of you’re in need of a professional grade product for your juicing tasks.

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