Papaya Juicing Recipe to Try To Avail Of the Potential Health Benefits

Choosing papaya to include in your diet is a good decision. Aside from the reason that this fruit is always in season, especially in most tropical countries, you can avail of the many health benefits this fruit can provide. You will also enjoy the aromatic taste of the ripe flesh as well as the smooth texture of it.

Any Papaya Juicing Recipe will shower delight to your sense of taste. In addition, you will never regret buying this fruit along with other ingredients as the packs of vitamins and minerals are expected for every serving. Therefore, you will be able to entertain your palates, as well as deposit the needed nutrients of your body down to the cellular level.

Papaya Juicing Recipe #1 Sweet and Delicious

This will only demand a 10-minute preparation. Moreover, with the measurements of the ingredients, you can create two servings.


  • 1 medium size papaya and then cut in half
  • 1/2 cup of natural sweetener (choose between fresh Pineapple Juice or orange juice)
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of sweeter additives (sugar or honey)
  • 1/8 teaspoon Black pepper Powder
  • 1/2 cup Cold Water
  • Pinches of Salt to taste

How to prepare:

  1. The first thing to do it to peel and chop the papaya fruit into sizes of a dice and put them in a cap. Be sure to remove the seeds.
  2. Mix all other ingredients with the papaya and blend them all, in a powerful juicer or blender. Blend until it becomes a smooth puree. You can add more water or pineapple juice in order to achieve the desired texture. Add sugar or honey and salt to achieve the desired taste.
  3. Once done, pour into a chilled glass and serve right away.

Papaya Juicing Recipe #2 From Yellow to Green Beverage

The name of the recipe describes it all. Once you mix all the ingredients below, you can get a papaya juice that is all green, even when you have used up the ripe yellow papaya fruit before mixing. All other ingredients are the reasons behind. With this exciting Papaya Juicing Recipe, you will love this fruit even more than before.


  • 1 ripe medium sized papaya and cut into half
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 large seedless cucumber
  • A handful of fresh mint

How to prepare:

  1. Remove all the seeds of papaya fruit and then mash all the flesh. You can also use a blender to mix the papaya fruit with the chopped green apples and the seedless cucumber.
  2. To complete the recipe, you add the menthol effect of the fresh mints.

This is a great Papaya Juicing Recipe as it has papaya, which is very good to address constipation. It has the group of greens, which are very rich in fiber, which aid improper digestion and the anti-oxidants carried, save your body from the dangers brought by toxins or free radicals. With this very simple Papaya Juicing Recipe, you can finish mixing them all in for five (5) minutes only. You can also have substitutions for apple – pears or pineapple, cucumber – celery, and for mint, you can have basil, ginger of turmeric. If you opt to change the ingredients, you will also receive another set of nutrients that will boost your immune system in another way.

Papaya Juicing Recipe #3 Naturally Sweet

This recipe is simpler than all other recipes, you just need a papaya fruit and oranges. You may add some mints to play with the flavor, or turmeric to join the club of orange colors. However, even if this is a very simple recipe, that might require just 3 minutes of your time, you will never regret trying this out.


  • 2 oranges
  • 1 medium sized papaya

How to prepare:

Mash or juice the papaya with your blender and then add some oranges to it by squeezing the fruit. Add some water and then ice cubes to add more excitement to this kind of refreshment.

Papaya Juicing Recipe #4 Papaya de Agua Fresca

If you are a non-alcoholic drinker and really fond of drinking juices, you should try this recipe to fall in love with natural refreshments. For 15 minutes, you can make a juice blend that can wake you up every day with its great flavor and brighten your mornings with the juice’s bright color. Try making your own Agua Fresca and serve it to your family and friends to share a healthy and delicious drink.


  • 4 Maradol Papaya (peel and slice into chunks)
  • 6 cups of water (do not combine yet in one container)
  • ½ cup sugar for sweetening
  • 1 lemon (get the juice for easier mixing)

How to Prepare:

  1. Mix the papaya with the sugar. Pour first the two cups of water until you achieve the thickness of the mixture.
  2. Add the lemon juice and the remaining four cups to contain your pitcher.
  3. You may add ice cubes for every serving.

The great thing about picking papaya above any fruit options is that it can truly guarantee an overwhelming taste as well as its bright color is a perfect match to other ingredients. A bright-colored juice denotes that it will be sweet and perfect for kids to enjoy. With the health benefits this papaya fruit can give, it is not just a fruit for all seasons, but also a fruit for all ages.

You can surely experiment on your own what other ingredients you can try with this tropical fruit. The listed recipe above are just examples of the many juice blends you can create with papaya. Some people prefer to eat the flesh directly, but there are also those who do not like the taste of it at first. Because of the health benefits this fruit can give to a human body, nutritionists are advising everyone who dislikes the taste of  it by juicing papaya and blend it with other fruits and veggies.

Once the flavor has been achieved, you will not just enjoy a juicy drink, but also a very healthy one.

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