Proctor Silex 66331 Citrus Juicer Review 2019

Named after the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, this citrus juicer is not just one of the best small appliances of its kind in the market today but is also one of the most socially conscious products in the market today.

Aside from its great performance, each unit sold also donates a $1 to the above mentioned foundation who works hard to support and help children with cancer.

This alone makes it’s a winner in my book, but in combination with its great features, it’s also a very worthy investment at the same time .

34 Ounce Pitcher Capacity

With a liquid catcher in the form of a pitcher with 34-ounce capacity, electric orange juicer is made for homes who like to enjoy sweet, healthy drinks together. Its large container will let you make a nice batch of fresh OJ or lemonade without a fuss.

2 Plastic Reamers

To ensure that you can enjoy some variety, this unit also comes with two interchangeable reamers that will help you juice citrus fruits of all sizes effectively and efficiently.

You can switch them out easily and start making limeades, lemonades, orange juice, and even grapefruit juice without any difficulties. They sit inside each other nicely, so you don’t have to worry about their storage as well.

Easy Storage Design

With a small footprint, this unit is really easy to store. However, as it also has additional features like a cord storage and nested storage for the two reamers that come with the unit, putting it away is a lot simpler. It’s designed to be compact, so you don’t have to worry about losing parts or having a cluttered cupboard.

Pulp Control

Those who love pulp will also enjoy this Proctor Silex appliance as it has an excellent pulp control feature that will easily let you manage how much pulp gets into your drink. You opt to get little to a lot of pulp with the help of a small switch, making it easy for you to customize your fresh drink.

Full-Color Recipe Book Included

If you want to get the most out of your juicer, a recipe book can help you out. This unit comes with a full-color one, so not only will you be able to enjoy different drinks with your nifty appliance, but you can also do so in full-color.


  • For each unit sold, Proctor Silex makes a $1 donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.
  • This pitcher-style juicer will let you make a large batch of fresh juice without any interruptions.
  • Easy to clean, store and use.
  • Very lightweight.
  • 2 reamers offer versatility and guarantee great results.


  • It doesn’t have a splash guard.
  • It can be a bit noisy.


Q: Does this Proctor Silex juicer have the auto-reverse reamer feature?

A: Yes, this unit’s juicing cone also reverses automatically to help you get more juice out of your fruit.

Q: Can you remove the pitcher from the base?

A: Yes, all you have to do is hold the base with one hand with the other on the pitcher handle and then twist the pitcher slightly to release it from the base.

Q: Can you use this juicer manually?

A: No, you’ll need to plug it in so it will work.

Q: Can you use this Proctor Silex as commercial lemon juicer?

A: No. This product is built for home use

Final Verdict/Conclusion

Buying an inexpensive product with great quality and a social responsibility is something most people will deem worth their time and money, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Proctor Silex 66331 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer is a widely popular product.

It does everything that you need from a good quality orange press juicer. If you’re looking for a better investment, nothing can come close to this product.

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